YouTube Disables iOS 14’s P-I-P For (Picture In Picture) Free Users

If you are an iOS user then you might aware of a feature available in iOS 14 which enables users to watch videos in a floating window. With the help of this feature, obviously the users will be able to watch their favorite videos along with doing other multiple tasks at once.

But, according to current reports, Youtube has included its new algorithm under which the free youtube users won’t be able to play videos in P-I-P mode. Means, the youtube premium users will still be able to access the feature.

Thus, if you have a free youtube account, then you can’t be able to access the iOS P-I-P feature unless you get the premium youtube memberhsip. But, still, the free users can watch their favorite youtube content in Picture In Picture mode, but not through youtube app. They actually need to open their favorite video in Safari browser. Once they open, they can tap on P-I-P icon on the top-left-corner or just swipe up from the bottom to make the app running in floating window.

However, the workaround even leads the video to return in its usual spot after a few second. According to reports, if the user is on home screen, the P-I-P window actually flickers for a moment then automatically disappears.

According to details observed by observers, the youtube videos can still be views in PIP mode if such videos are embedded on a webpage, howver this will even not work properly for free youtube users.

Further, some of the users interestingly found that PIP mode is still working on iOS 14 beta builds along with the current stable build until yesterday. Even some of the users are able to use this feature on their iPad, no matters they are free youtube users or premium ones.

Concluding all, it simply means the only youtube premium users will now be able to play videos on background through their iOS 14. and it’s still no actual information about the feature if it’s removed intentionally by youtube, or just a bug.