Windows 11 Vs Windows 10: Comparison Explained

Recently, a leaked build of new upcoming Windows operating system in public forums helped people to get a first glimpse of Windows 11. Even we got a way to have Windows 11 installed and here now will describe what’s new is upcoming in the next OS version.

So, let’s discuss some of the major changes between both the old and the new upcoming Windows OS versions.

Although, the leaked build shows a number of visual changes in the new Windows 11 that’s to come, but it’s worthwhile to note that this leaked build should not be considered as the final set of features which the Microsoft is soon to unveil on 24th of June.

While talking about Windows 10 first, many of the users have reported over years that feature updates don’t do much in terms of visual changes. Obviously, there have been UI improvements but sometimes they are so subtle that most of the users fail to detect them.

And with the new Windows 11, there can be seen various changes which the Microsoft has revamped and includes new Windows Setup screen, Start Menu, Windows Search, Task View, and Icons.

Another new change that has been seen is the new Windows 11 logo. The new logo looks like a flat Microsoft logo, that is shifted from 3D design on Windows 10.

Apart from these modifications, the Windows 11 will offcourse come with more new modifications as well, and the company will soon unveil those officially.

But, making comment on those now, seems to be a too early comment while speaking specifically to under the hood changes like app load times, performance improvements, support for new technologies, and many more. As per the users who used the leaked build on virtualbox, have noticed that their system is still struggling due to limited hardware resources. And all these simply indicate that the leaked built is not going to be the final stuff that Microsoft will push to users.