Windows 10 Updates Are Messed Up Once Again: Microsoft Need To Fix Them

Microsoft recently rolled out monthly patches and updates for its operating system Windows 10, and it seems that things again are falling apart for Windows users due to many issues. Some of the identified issues are App crashes, blue screen of death errors, and many other broken functions. This actually seems like happening on cue, after which the Microsoft fixes those stuffs and issues new updates. Actually, many of the users who updated their system with latest Windows 10 updates released in February, are experiencing BSOD issues. Those updates are KB4598299 and KB4588301, and even the Microsoft has confirmed the same and said they are working on to fix the issues, and new updates will be available soon.

So, if you are one of the Windows users who are dependent on your system to get your work done, then you should stay away from the Windows 10 updates temporarily. If not, you are expected to suffer more problems later on. To prevent such things, you should pause updates from downloading and installing on your Windows 10 up to 7 days, or just select a time frame of 35 days to keep your machine updates free. Just click on the Windows 10 icon on the bottom left and select the Settings menu. Doing so will open a new app window, in which you need to scroll down to find Windows Update. Clicking the same will open the update page that shows list of pending updates if any. Scroll down the page to bottom to find “Pause Updates for 7 days” option. You can select this option to keep your system away from automatic updates and its installation on your machine for upto 7 days, further, you can repeat the same further to pause updates.

However, in case if you are looking for some other option to avail more freedom against Windows updates. Then you can scroll more down on Windows Update page and click on the Advanced option. Doing so will provide you with more set of options, and here you can also select a date upto 35 days from current time. Just select the farther date to keep Windows Updates paused for automatic installations. Choosing any of above mentioned options, the users can easily rely on their machine to avail a hassle free computing, unless the lately discovered issues with Windows Updates are resolved.