Windows 10 Now Allows Users To Run Linux GUI Apps

Reportedly, the Windows 10 users now able to access Linux GUI apps without using a virtual machine after the addition of support to Windows Subsystem for Linux.

“The Windows Subsystem for Linux now includes a first preview of support for GUI applications,” Brandon LeBlanc (Senior Program Manager) said. “This means you can now run your favorite GUI editors, tools, and applications, to develop, test, build and run your Linux apps!”

The company actually designed WSL compatibility layer that makes it possible for users to access Linux binaries in ELF format natively on Windows systems, through Powershell or Command Prompt.

The Feature Was Announced In Build 2020

Since the users are asking for WSL feature for so long, probably since 2016, the company only announced to include WSL last year at build 2020.

And after the announcement, the new feature called Windows Sybsystem for Linux, has been added to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21364 which is now available for Insiders through Dev Channel.

So, if you are an Insider, you can download and install the new Preview Build on your system to avail the newly added features.

How to install and use WSLg

For detailed instructions on installing WSLg on a Windows 10 computer, users can look through a post on Github. Also, the official website of Microsoft includes step by step guidelines regarding installation of this new feature. For more information, visit the official Microsoft page.