Windows 10 News Widget Placed In Taskbar: Hands On Review

The content consumption and news reading, now become the mostly talked sensation in modern tech world. Although, this started initially with social platforms, but not revolutionizing with modern devices as well.

Alike what Google has started to offer through its Android users in face of Discover feed, even Microsoft also started to offer News and Interests for its Windows 10 users. So, this article is all about that and going to give hands on review with Windows 10 News and Interests widget.

About Windows 10 News and Interests

Just as the name indicates, this newly added widget can be seen in Taskbar of Windows 10 and brings the latest stories directly on the desktop. It use to pull those content from Microsoft News. So, the users are now expected to see such stories on their Windows 10 in Taskbar notification section.

The users can actually see there a button that embed with a weather icon, and brings temperature related details corresponding to your location. Clicking on the button opens a flyout screen that also brings more other stories to users as well, as aforementioned.

The News and Interests section will show various headlines, clicking on which may allow users to read more about the bulletin through web browser. In addition to news related stories, the widget may also show contents related to user’s interests which can be set accordingly to needs like match scores, and so on.

In order to manage the interests section, users can click on Manage Interests option at the top to change the content according to their needs. All this simply states that entire Windows 10 news feed experience is actually the combination of flyout UI and the web version of it.

The readers will also get an option to mark a story to read the same later on. Also, they can Like or Dislike the same, even they can hide a specific publisher if its contents seem not much interesting.

As per the experts. This new feature is expected to arrive on Windows 10 through further updates, however the same is being tested by Dev Insiders for a few months now, as per the reports. If you want to test over the feature, you can enroll with Windows 10 Insider program.