Windows 10 Emergency Update Rolled Out To Fix BSOD Crashes

After the release of January and February Patch updates, it was reported thart Windows 10 computers got disrupted due to frequent BSOD crash issues. However, the Microsoft this time has acknowledged the reports and started to roll out an emergency update to address the issues.

As per the Microsoft’s article published on Thursday, the last two updates released for the operating system are cauring issues for some devices. The company actually observed the BSOD errors and WiFi errors as well which are caused by an update rolled out in January and February.

Currently, the Microsoft is rolling out a emergency update that is designed to remedy a flaw that’s affecting those users who has updated with KB4598298 or KB4601315.

This emergency update is termed as “KB5001028” and come with no other changes to previous updates. This patch has been rolled out for those users only who are affected by previous updates and using this will fix the issues regarding BSOD error ‘nwifi.sys’, which is experienced when users try connecting to WPA3 Wi-Fi networks.

How to obtain Windows 10 KB5001028?

In order to receive the emergency patch, the affected users require to click on “Check for updates” and the users will receive the update option if the device is found affected.

It’s actually good to say that the problem is occurring only to small number of devices which are connected to WPA3 environments only. This actually indicates that most of the users are unaffected by such BSOD errors. In addition to normal consumers, Business class consumers are also suggested by the company to update to latest out-of-band update through Microsoft Update Catalog or Windows Update.

In inclusion to emergency update, Microsoft has also started to deploy a new update process to include SSU and monthly cumulative updates into a single package.

Through this change, it’s been expected that the Windows Update during the monthly updates cycle will be improved.