Windows 10 App Store Being Revamped By Microsoft: Reports

Speaking about Windows 10 App Store, It’s formerly called as Windows Store which was first released with windows 8 back in 2012. This store was actually the main destination for applications, but even though this Windows Store received several updates over years, it’s still not used by users properly to download Windows software. And as per the current report, the Microsoft is planning to revamp Windows 10 App store to attrack more users and developers towards it.

As per the reports, the Microsoft is actually working on a new App Store for Windows 10 and is planning to add a modern interface and submission policies. The new windows 10 app store is expected to follow Microsoft’s updated visual design , that is expected to arrive in Windows 10 later this year. The upcoming new app store will continue to be a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) that will receive monthly updates with addition of new features and improvements.

The design is actually that what’s reportedly changing, but also the changes may include policies regarding store’s submission requirements. Initially, the Microsoft used to allow only UWP applications, but now the platform also started to to allow developers to post existing .NET and Win32-based software on store as well.

Means, the recent reports states that Microsoft will now alllow unpackages Win32 applications on windows 10 app store as well as the applications that updates itself independently. The Microsoft only allow applications to use third party commerce platforms. This indicates that developers won’t have much to do more than uploading existing executables which could also save on development costs.

So, the newly designed MS Store is expected to arrive later this year. And it seems really interesting to see that the company will do away with specific requirements in-app monetization and security requirements.