New Chrome Update Issues: Causing 100% CPU Usage, & Heating Issues

As per recent reports, the new ChromeOS updates is causing Google Play Store service to freeze due to utilizing 100% of the CPU, even the devices start to heat leading to performance related problems as well.

Actually, after the users have updated their ChromeOS 85.00.4183.108 or later versions, their applications on devices started to run with problems as the device gets got hot, battery is draining fast, and its fans are running at high speed as well.

Once the issue was discovered, many users have noticed that Google Play Store suddenly started to use 95-100% of CPU for a very long term.

Under the investigation, a service named is using the CPU leading the Play Store to use high resoruces, and the same service is actually used to download updates from Google Play Store if avaiable.

Th experts even have noticed that their CPU usage keeps utilized at 100% all the time, even when no updates are available, however, this issue is not affecting all Chromebooks, but the chromebooks from Acer, Asus, and Galaxy brands are being reported to suffer the problem.

In order to fix the issue, some of the users managed to kill the above mentioned process in their device, while many of the others have to say that even doing so helped them not.

According to a user, he managed to fix the issue on his chromebook by just rolling back to older version of Google Play Store on device, and below is what he has to say through a post on Reddit:

“As a workaround for now, I rolled back to older Play Store version before it started to mess up and it works, also I disabled background WiFi and data to prevent it from self update. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming release”

As per a Google engineer, this issue is being caused due to some missing files on Chrome OS. here’s what he states, “After review, users are experiencing this behavior because CrOS is unable to determine delta changes in UID proc times due to missing files.”

Although, the bug report regarding above discussed issue is not yet assigned to Google engineer, but still the developers are aware of the same and this bug is expected to be fixed in the next upcoming update.