MS Update: Refresh Rate Option Is Added To Windows 10

With the new releases of updates, the tech giant Microsoft is pushing all users to move their Windows 10 configuration options into Modern Settings feature.

While speaking about Windows 8, the company has introduces a new Settings feature which includes many of the OS’s configuration options.

However, the Settings section has been incomplete since its launch as a number of configuration options and settings are located under Control Panel and device manager, but not within Settings.

But, this time, the Microsoft is pushing all Windows 10 settings into the Settings app. This movement first started with the System cotrol panel in late July. Later, the company also added a new Disk Manager application in August, and then the redirect of the Program and Feature option in Cpanel to Apps & Feature page in September.

About Display Refresh Rate In Settings App

Speaking about the refresh rate, the Windows 10 ca always adjust the monitor’s refresh rate, however it was done basically through display adapter properties, rather than the Settings feature, earlier.

But, with the new Windows 10 preview built 20236, the company has added a new setting in Advanced display settings option, through which users can directly adjust the Refresh Rate of monitor.

With the adjustment of display refresh rate, the Windows 10 users can easily set their monitor to use higher refresh rate, causing screen flickering reduction, that makes it easier to watch for eyes.

Although, the aforementioned feature always been there to adjust refresh rate, but with the inclusion of this setting under Advanced display settings, it become easier for users to find the option.

Also, these changes in preview build indicates that Microsoft is now desiring to consolidate all Windows 10 settings to one location, rather than spread.