Microsoft Unveils New Cursor Control To Windows 10, Similar to iOS

Recently conducted reports states that Windows 10 will receive one of the most useful feature of Apple’’s iOS mobile platform. Actually, the PC suite is actually to get spacebar cursor feature that allows users to get more control to navigate on screen by just pressing and holding the spacebar while moving the finger key.

According to Microsoft’’t preview built release notes, the company has mentioned that one thing, they have heard from customers to change the cursor position with the touch keyboard, and based on such feedback, they are updating the keyboard so as user’s desire can be met in the next update.

In order to utilize this feature on a computer, all it requires the users to place a finger on the space bar and slide their finger to their desired position. The company says that once the finger is moved from one place to other, the cursor tool will move, either for one character, or line at a time.

Further, the reports clarifies that this keyboard update is currently available for Windows Insiders, through which the users can control the cursor through gestures on the space bar. This availability to insiders actually help the company to identify issues that may impact its performance and reliabilit.

According to a report, the tech giant Apple has actually introduced the spacebar cursor in its iOS 12, and this feature was said to be reminiscent of the Blackberry devices in the past.

However, the inclusion of space bar cursor feature could be a very useful tool for Windows 10 installed on tablet mode, and could be integral for devices like surface Duo.

The Microsoft also recently unveiled transcription for its Word service, with the help of which it would be easy for users to record interviews or lectures and copy them or edit the files directly from MS Word. With the help of this new feature, users can also record conversations using other applications.