Microsoft shutters development of Windows 10X, at least for now

Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed to re prioritize its Windows 10X development, its Chrome OS competitor for single screen and dual screen devices.

Windows 10X, which was announced back in 2019, was originally for dual devices like Surface Neo. In 2020, Microsoft delayed the dual-screen version of the operating system and focused on single-screen devices.

This year, it was set to launch on a new range of 2-in–1s/notebooks from Microsoft partners. It will be simple, sleek, faster and more secure than the Windows 10.  As per reports, it will be launched in spring of 2021.

Recent report claims that those plans now have been changed and the Windows 10X development has been paused.

It is likely that the Microsoft is focusing in the Sun Valley update for Windows 10 that enables the rounded corners across top-level UI components. It is designed to ditch Windows 95-era icons for modern versions.

Windows 10X will be lightweight operating system. It will not have the classic File Explorer and live tiles. It will use Chrome OS like static icons for Microsoft store apps and progressive web apps, as per leak build and screenshots shared by Microsoft.

In addition to the Start Menu, Windows 10X has a centered-aligned taskbar. The taskbar will be in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Small size aims at the desktop and the medium and large one will appear to be touch-friendly.

Instead of the Control Panel, Windows 10X, with the aim to provide modernize effect, will offer Windows Settings app. Using this option, users can customize the Action Center, Taskbar, desktop wallpaper and more.

In security point of view, Windows 10X introduces a new security feature to prevent thieves from wiping and re-using the stolen devices.

While the development has been paused, Microsoft will soon, sometimes later in this year, port the new features of the Windows 10X to the regular Windows 10 operating systems.