Microsoft Is Removing Windows Timeline Support For Its Android Launcher

If you are using Windows 10, then you might be aware of a feature in this operating system named Microsoft Timeline. This feature is considered to be a little success since it was introduced, but only a few applications are taking advantage of this feature and its capabilities. However, Timeline in windows 10 is still available, but some other Micorsoft products seem to be moving away from the traditional User Interface changes recently.

While checking through the new Microsoft Launcher beta, a notification is being presented to users notifying that Timeline support for Microsoft Launcher is soon to go away, and the users should move to recents interface, that can be found in the Launcher feed, Ms Office and Windows Search.

All these trait actually depicts not a good future of Timeline on Windows, however, it would not even be bad enough. Timeline in Windows was actually might be a great idea but was executed poorly.

Although, Microsoft has not yet announced to take away Timeline from Windows, but it’s currently being taken away from Microsoft Launcher. But, the feature can be seen as morph in future through Timeline on Windows.