How To Setup Apple ID: Explained Methods

Have you bought an Apple device? Then you might be looking for methods to create Apple ID or iCloud account as it’s a doorway to connect with Apple ecosystem. Also, the Apple ID is very necessary to buy any app from App Store and use iCloud storage offered by Apple.

Speaking about the benefits of having an Apple IS, it allows you to sync all your saved details like contacts, messages, subscriptions, etc on all other devices easily when used with other Apple devices. Means, if you have a Macbook and iPhone, both using the same Apple ID, its data would be automatically synced.

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How To Create Apple ID?

Technically, there’s a number of ways to create iCloud account, and also you can create the Apple ID without having any iDevice, and here’s some easy methods you can follow up to set up your new Apple ID.

Method : Setting up Apple ID on Mac

After you get your new Mac, you can enter into Apple’s ecosystem, and here how to do.

Once you start your Mac, you can choose to set up your iCloud account right from the MacOS welcome screen. Just tap on “Create new Apple ID” and follow on screen instructions.

Alternatively, if you skipped creating the ID there, you can follow the steps here mentioned:

  • Open the App Store on Mac and tap on ‘Sign in’
  • Now, tap on ‘Create Apple ID’ and follow the on screen instructions.
  • After the step completes, you can see your Apple ID on the bottom of left-side of App Store.

Method 2: Create Apple ID on iPhone/iPad

Here, you can create Apple ID with two approaches. The first one is from Settings > Sign in to your iPhone > Don’t have an Apple ID > Create Apple ID.

While, the second one is to create an Apple ID on iPhone through App Store > tap on profile icon on top-right side > Create New Apple ID.

Method 3: Creating Apple ID From Apple’s Website

In addition to above two methods discussed, the users can also create an iCloud account ID from official website of Apple. Just visit the site, and tap on ‘Create your Apple ID’ and follow on-screen instructions to set up your account.

This method is also helpful for those who are considering to switch to Mac and want to know how the software experience feels like, however the online platform is not as fluent as online one. However, you may end up to get used to it after some time.