Google’s New Security Alerts Now Pops Through App Notifications

The tech giant Google is going to announce a new measure to notify users regarding critical security issues which is expected to be delivered directly through apps.

As per recent reports, the Google developers are updating their critical security alert system for its accounts, and it has revealed that its experts are designing a new mechanism for critical security alerts, obviously it’s redesigning the way to deliver those notifications as well. According to new alert system, the users will be notified regarding security alerts directly through the app to which the users are logged in. Although, this new alert feature will be available only to limited users in initial, but the company has planned to expand the feature more broadly from the next year.

Initially, the Google has started deploying security alerts regarding google accounts back in2015. Under this mechanism, if a someone managed to successfully access a google account, the activity was further reported through email as a security breach.

Speaking about the benefits of new alert system, the users would require not to check their email or phone’’s system to see the warning, rather the google will notify the users directly through Google app they are using at the moment. This means, the users will be able to know about the breach to their Google account instantly.

As per the announcement regarding new security and privacy measures, the Google official has explained the new alert system to be resistant to spoofing and uses will always be sure that the messages shown to them through apps are legitimate and generated by scammers.

Experts expects reduction in phishing attempts due to new alert system

Since the new security alert will be shown directly through the app, therefore the system should probably help users to prevent their personal information against being compromised. Considering the same through an example, just assume that someone tries to access a gmail account through a new or unknown device, the users would be able to see a special (!) mark beside his/her profile picture.

In case if the user clicks the alert, a warning message will appear over screen regarding security issues and asks the users to solve them. And obviously it will be a faster way to allow users learning about security breaches. Also, it will prevent scammers who use to mimic google’s notifications for extorting money for their own malicious purposes. And this is how the new alert system of Google can be resistant to spoofing and there will be much reduction in cases where users are deceived by hackers.