Google Will Make Third Party App Stores Easier To Use In Android 12

Google has publicized a modification upcoming with Android 12 that makes it easier for users to install and use third party application store on their Smartphones. The company will be improving features to Android 12 that will make it simple for users to use other app stored on their mobile devices.

The company is not allowing go of its grip on apps that use its own play store for delivery. Google is making its payment policies stronger to inform developers that apps on the Play Store must use Google’s in-app purchases Systems for billings.

Billing and payment is the huge issue over which Google kicked out Fortnite from the play Store  a while back when Epic added  other payment methods to Fortnite on Android devices. Google is not backing down on that decision. So that Google is using Fortnite.

Fortnite on Android is quietly completed playable on every Android phone even after Google remove it the play store. Google promise to make it easier to use third party app stores in Android 12 will put Apple in an even harder place so that no way to use a third party app store on the Iphone short of jail-breaking it.