Google Chrome Crash Issues Wordwide Fixed For Windows 10, Linux

Recently, many users reported crash issues with Chrome worldwide, and after a few days, the Google has released a minor update that resolves such issues on Windows 10 and Linux.

Actually, many windows 10 users started to face off issues while dealing with Google Chrome extensions or tabs. However, many Linux users also started to face off such issues and reported it to experts.

In addition to aforementioned issues, users also reported that they could not access the browser’s settings, extensions page, or that browser tabs as well which were showing gray screen.

Even many users tried to reinstall the browser or wiping out Chrome’s “User Data” directory, but this could lead users to lose their data if such folder is not backup in prior.

So, the Google yesterday has released a small update which can resolve the crash issues on Windows and Linux platforms.

Impacted Windows users can get through here mentioned steps:

  1. Quit any open Chrome windows.
  2. Re-open Chrome. You will still see the broken behavior.
  3. Keep Chrome open for about 5 minutes.
  4. After 5 minutes quit Chrome and then relaunch Chrome. The behavior should be resolved.

For Impacted Linux device users, follow the steps here:

  1. Navigate to the directory containing the Chrome user profile:
  2. Delete the contents of the [Chrome user profile]\Origin Trials subdirectory
    This should include a “” directory
  3. Delete the [Chrome user profile]\Local State file
  4. Start Chrome, which should load as expected

However, Google has not officially stated that why such issues or crashes are being thrown to users, and based on the fix suggested, it seems that Origin Trial experiment was causing the issues to users.

Even it’s not known yet that what experiment was causing Chrome to crash or throw issues, however it’s expected that Google will uncover the fact soon.