Firefox Version 81 Includes Credit Card Autofill & New Theme

Lately. The Mozilla has released its browser’s new version called Firefox 81 on 22nd of September 2020. This version is actually stable one and is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even for Android devices. With this new version, it includes various new features, bug fixes, and security updates too.

The most called new feature comes with this stable Firefox version 81 is the ability to control videos through headset and keyboard, and off course a new credit card auto fill feature.

In order to update your version to latest Firefox version, all desktop users need to get through Options > Help ? About Firefox, and the browsers will automatically check for new updates and ask you to install the updates if available.

With the release of this new version, obviously it’s expected for Firefox development branches to move up to a version called Firefox Beta version 82, and the Nightly builds to version 83.

Firefox now includes autofill credit card features

With the usage of new Firefox version, the browser can autofill credit card information if saved on browser while shopping online.

In order to secure those details, the browser uses OS login credentials, means, the users will be asked to feed their OS password to confirm autofill. Also, this option for Windows is named as “Require Windows authentication to autofill, view, or edit stored credit cards.”

However, the autofill feature is currently being offered to users who are residing in US and Canada only.

Firefox 81 new theme

In the addition to autofill credit cards, the new version of Firefox now includes a new theme as well which is named as Alpenglow which offers colorful appearance for the buttons, menus and Windows.

In order to enable this feature, users can navigate to Firefox Menu > Addons > Themes and then clicking on Enable button under Alpenglow.

Video controls from headset and keyboard

The new Firefox version also alllows you to control videos through headset controls or the keyboard as well, no matters you are using the browser at the time or the video is in another tab.

Means, the feature can be extremely helpful while playing video or listening to music in background while doing other tasks.

More about new features, bug fixes and improvements

Speaking about more new features, the Firefox 81 now can be set as default PDF viewer app. In addition, the browser can now provide users with correct level of content while using a screen reader.

While getting through the fixes, the Mozilla have fixed a bug in the browser regarding language packs where the default language was reset to English after the browser updates. Even the native HTML5 audio/video controls also received various accessibility fixes too.

And finally, the new Firefox now offers Picture in Picture mode to watch your videos with a new iconography. The bookmarks toolbar is now easy to access as it gets now automatically revealed once the bookmarks are imported into thr browser. Also, the Firefox 81 now supports more file types which are being used nowadays, while some of them are .xml, .svg, and .webp, and obviously these file types can be opened in the browser.