Enterprise Users With iPhone Can Use Face ID On Mac Now

As per the new reports, the Enterprise Mac users having an iPhone can now use Face ID to unlock their Mac. Actually, Jamf has recently released Jamf Unlock, basically an app for iPhone to unlock Mac computers using iPhone.

The tech giant company Apple as added touch ID to Mac computers after phasing it out of the iPhone. And in compare to iOS devices, the Macs are a generation behind in terms of secure login. Even the Microsoft has recently introduced Windows Hello allowing users to achieve facial recognition to some Windows lappies.

And after that release, there were a lot of rumors in public that Apple will also bring that feature to Mac as well, but Apple seems not going to do soon. However, if you are a Mac user and have an iPhone, you can use Jamf Unlock app to unlock your Mac system using Face ID, no matters how old your Mac is.

But, it’s noteworthy to mention that Face ID on Mac will not work for all, rather than those who have enterprise version of Mac installed. Means, unless you are an enterprise customer, you can’t use Jamf Unlock app.

With the use of Jamf Connect, it lets the enterprise Mac users to set up a secure bridge between their Mac and iPhone. It actually do so by generating a certificate to your iPhone, and allows to log in to your Mac using Face ID, Touch Id, or just rotating a pin.

Means, once the app is used, it will generate a request that will be transferred locally to your Mac and iPhone. This ID is also identified by your enterprise IDP, which ensures the request can’t be copied to another device.

Once the setup is complete, you will have to follow an authentication process on your iPhone each time you intend to use Face ID to unlock your Mac. And this feature not just enables the high secure login to your Mac, but also the feature can be availed on any Mac models.