AWS Bomb Attack MasterMind Man Arrested By FBI

As per the reports, AWS mastermind man arrested by FBI in Texas. He’s arrested for allegedly planning to kill around 70% of internet in a bomb attack over Amazon Web Services data center in Virginia.

Seth Aaron Pendley aged 28 was charged with criminal complaint on Friday for trying to destroy a building. Reportedly, the man used C-4 plastic explosives which he tried to buy from an undercover FBI agent.

The FBI actually got clue about the suspect in January when he revealed his plot on a website named MyMitilia through a Dionysus handle, which is technically a forum used by militia members to organize and communicate.

The security agents noticed in January from an another source that Pendley contacted through signal encrypted messaging application, which he was planning to use C-4 plastic explosives to attack AWS data centers to kill around 70 percent of internet.

Later in February, the Pendley also shared with the source a map of AWS Virginia based data center. The map actually featured with proposed routes of ingress and egress at the facility.

Pendley actually told his plans with the same source who introduced the suspect to FBI employee posing as an explosive supplier at the ending of March.

Pandley actually told the bomb supplier that he was planning to bomb server which were used by FBI, CIA and other US based agencies. His plot also included to take down oligarchy which is currently leading the USA.

The suspect actually met the undercover FBI employee on 8th April to get supposed explosive devices, however he received the inert devices.

Further, the suspect was also arrested by FBI agents after he placed the supposed explosives into his car, following a demonstration from the supplier regarding how to arm and detonate the bombs.

If the suspect is found really guilty to blow up AWS data center, he is supposed to face up to 20 years in federal jail.

Here’s what Amazon has to say regarding the planned attack.

“We would like to thank the FBI for their work in this investigation. We take the safety and security of our staff and customer data incredibly seriously, and constantly review various vectors for any potential threats. We will continue to retain this vigilance about our employees and customers.”