7 Ways To Track Your Internet Usage At Home

Have trouble keeping within your purchased internet package? Even with minimal to no usage? In the initial months, this happens we tend to ignore it, however, if this is a repeat occurrence it deserves to be investigated. We have listed some of the main ways in which you can check as well as ensure that you are using your bandwidth appropriately. Some of the main reasons why internet bandwidth may be draining include a guest user who has added onto the network and is using the internet. Alternatively, a new device– such as a gaming console that has heavy data usage you might have connected in recent times. Or there is some leech – an unrecognized device that can have connected to your internet connection.

It is always a smart decision to purchase a reliable internet connection that not only gives good speeds and data limits but also gives you the liberty to monitor your internet usage easily. While there are many good ISPs in the USA, the issue of monitoring is rampant amongst all of them. This has led to the growth of hackers and opportunities for misuse. Below we list down 7 steps to help you monitor your usage:

Checking with ISP cable/ application

Most ISPs have now begun to offer portals with unique logins. These portals allow the users to keep a track of their usage from their homes. These apps are very helpful in keeping track of who is using how much and if the used bandwidth is correct. ISPs such as Xfinity, Verizon, Mediacom, and AT&T all offer such experiences. Some satellite providers such as Viasat offer the same portals. However, the usage is not divided based on the apps; you can only see which devices are using how much bandwidth. Most of the usage is due to games or streaming apps and depends on your usage. On each device, you have the option of putting in a notification when usage exceeds a certain amount.

Check your usage on the phone and laptops/desktops

By installing a desktop application, you can keep track of which programs on the device used how much bandwidth. This is a very smart thing to download as it helps monitor the usage of each app. Some of the apps, which track usage, include GlassWire.

Set data usage alerts for your internet usage

In all smartphones now, users have the option of turning on notifications when their usage exceeds an amount that they have set. It is important to note that this monitoring should be checked many times a day in case the system has been hacked.

Save on bills with basic cable plans

You can also save on bills if you save on the cable plans. Some plans allow you to add up channels and charge you extra for each channel too. However, Mediacom Cable is transparent and affordable, it will also always tell you what channels you have with packages and from which you can determine what you want to buy get and which plan will save you money.

Understand immediately when your apps start using your data

Some apps use data in the background even when they are not being used. This means that they will keep refreshing all night eating away at the bandwidth. All of these apps as well as backend programs that you do not use can be set be only use a net when in use or not at all.

You should block the apps that waste your data

If you come across an application that is inbuilt and uses a lot of bandwidth, but cannot be uninstalled, you can set it to block and essentially kill that application in your device.

Know the well-known apps that waste data

It is a general understanding that streaming apps such as Instagram, Netflix, HBO Max, or even YouTube use a lot of bandwidth. In case you use these apps, it is important to note how much they are consuming. Some of the other apps include Facebook, WhatsApp, and video calling apps such as Skype.

You can check your router stats

By accessing the router’s application, you can go to the data consumption section and check the status of data use. You can also check and keep an eye on the number/ name/ code of the devices that are connected to the router.

Wrapping Up

It is important to note that by keeping a check on the data usage, you can ensure that you are not overpaying for extra bandwidth or overpaying in terms of additional charges. This also helps in making sure that only you and your allowed devices are using the internet. The internet is costly, usage and location matter too. For example, a certain ISP would not be great for some people but for some, they may be the best out there. You just need to find your fix and a provider that will work for you then issues overage may not happen either.